Getting Published Webinar


Do you want to know how to get published in whatever journal you want, whenever you want?

Nathalie Le Bot, Chief Editor Nature Life Sciences will offer invaluable advice on ways to make communicating the fruits of research as successful as possible from constructing a paper and choosing a journal, to writing a cover letter and responding to referees comments. 

This will be complimented with an overview of the submission and peer review workflow, as well as the importance of research integrity and ethics. Finally, we will talk about the most important post-publication aspects that need to be considered in order for a paper to have maximum impact. 

Throughout the talk we will reference current technology and innovation, including unique identifiers, open data, reproducibility, and how to use metrics responsibly. At the end of the session, you will get a chance to put any remaining questions directly to our Chief Editor Nature Life Sciences, Nathalie Le Bot. Please submit any questions for our Editor to:

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