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Privacy Notice

By submitting personal data to us, you agree that we, your NHS Knowledge and Library Service, may collect, use and store any such personal information data in accordance with relevant data protection legislation and regulations, as described in this Privacy Notice.

Further details on relevant data protection legislation and regulations can be found on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office ( Download a copy of this information.

If you have any concerns related to this Privacy Notice or have any queries about the use of your personal data, please contact your local HeLM library service.

Why we hold your personal data

We store your personal data so that we can track your use of knowledge and library services and contact you if we need to about the services that we provide for you.

How you can find out what data we have, and have that data updated

Please contact your local HeLM library service.

Who may have access to your data

Your data is accessible to knowledge and library service staff who use systems to deliver knowledge and library services to the NHS in England. In addition, your data is accessible to the system suppliers and system managers who provide and manage these systems. You may view the privacy policies of individual systems in the appendix. Staff at all organisations work in compliance with this Privacy Notice and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. We will share your data with others only if required to do so by law. We will never sell your data to anyone or share it in a way not described in this notice without your permission.

How your data is processed and stored

When you register to use an NHS Knowledge and Library Service, we input the data into our systems. If you notify us of a change to your data, we update the systems accordingly. Technical safeguards are in place to help ensure that your data is kept safe and only disclosed to people who are authorised to view it.

How long your data is retained

Your data is kept for as long as you wish to receive knowledge and library services. If you cease to require the use of these services, we will delete your data when you tell us to delete it, or if you don’t tell us, after a period has elapsed. We securely destroy any personal data about you when it is no longer of use.

How you can request that we stop contacting you

If you wish to stop receiving communications about knowledge and library services, please contact your local HeLM library service.


The Koha Library Management System, supplied by PTFS Europe:

The KnowledgeShare system used for current awareness alerts, supplied by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust:

Updated 13th February 2024

NHS England and NHS Knowledge and Library Services.

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