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Updated Membership Terms and Conditions

February 2022

Health Libraries in the Midlands (HeLM) is a newly merged consortium of health libraries, across the Midlands, now providing your local health library service.  The information below forms your membership agreement with these libraries. Download a copy of this information. Please contact your registered library or if you have any queries.

Health Libraries Midlands (HeLM) is a consortium of Midland health libraries that share a library catalogue and inter-lend items to members across the region.  The HeLM consortium includes NHS organisations and partner organisations outside the NHS. You can find full details of all the libraries in the HeLM consortium on our website.

Your home library is the library associated with the organisation where you are employed or on placement and which you use most frequently. Please contact your home library for information on further library and knowledge services available to you that are not covered by HeLM membership. This can include access to organisation-specific services or resources that use systems such as OpenAthens and KnowledgeShare, building access where this needs to be granted and specialist staff support and training. You can find contact details for your home library on the HeLM website.

By joining the Health Libraries Midlands (HeLM) consortium you (our users) agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. We (HeLM) reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and will inform you if and when we do so.


Joining the library

You must register for membership to borrow items. You will receive an online account to manage your loans and reserve items from the catalogue.

If you move to another organisation whose library is part of HeLM, you don’t need to register again. Just let your new library know you have moved and they will update your details. Please contact your home library with any questions about your membership.

Your home library aims to process your membership application within two working days. This includes checking your identity. You can collect your library membership details in person from the library or have them sent to your work address.

You cannot borrow any items until we have processed your account and you have received your library membership details.


What can I borrow?

Members (staff, students on placement, volunteers and external members who hold an agreement with a home library) can borrow a total of sixteen standard loan items for six weeks from HeLM libraries.

Books sourced from libraries outside HeLM do not count towards your HeLM borrowing limit.  You cannot borrow journals.

You can reserve up to sixteen items at any one time.

We automatically renew your loans five times unless we recall an item. If we recall an item you must return it by the due date. 

If you have renewed an item five times and you wish to borrow it again, you must show the library that you still have the item. You can do this by bringing the item to the library in person or by providing a photo of it.  Otherwise you must return the item to the library.

You can borrow items from and return them to any HeLM library that allows visitor access. If you plan to visit a HeLM library that is not your home library, please contact the library in advance to ensure you can access the building. You can find contact information for HeLM libraries on our website.

When you visit a HeLM library, library staff may ask you for proof of your identity.  Please bring your membership card or barcode when you borrow items in person.


What charges might I have to pay?

You must return any items you borrow by the due date. You can find this date stamped in the book, on the receipt from the self-issue kiosk, on your online HeLM account or in the reminder email sent to you.

If you lose or damage an item, please let us know straight away. The library that owns the item will ask you to pay for a replacement. If you don’t return an item after we have sent you three reminders, we will invoice you for it.

If you need to pay for a replacement, we will ask you to pay the recommended retail price of the newest edition of the item. Some HeLM libraries may charge administration fees to cover the cost of processing lost items. Some organisations may employ a debt collection service.

Once we have invoiced you for an item, you won’t be able to borrow or renew any more items until you have returned the item or paid the invoice.


Your responsibilities

You must follow your organisations IT policies, home library policies and copyright legislation.

It is your responsibility to tell us if your contact details change. You can log into your account and change your details online. Please contact us to renew your membership.

If you leave an organisation, you must return all items by the last date of your placement or employment. Some organisations will deduct the cost of any items you haven’t returned to the library from your pay.

For your information

All HeLM libraries have a complaints procedure.

You can log into your library account to choose which notifications you receive from the library. If you don’t want to receive library service announcements, contact your home library.

Please let library staff know if you require additional assistance with library services.

Updated 23rd February 2022

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